Photo Tours in Seville

Discover why our photo tours are the best way to immortalize your experience in Seville!
Whether you want to save your visit, a marriage proposal, a bachelorette party or any other celebration, we adapt to you!
You will get a personalized service with a professional photographer, just for you. During our photo tours we will take you to the most romantic and intimate spots in the city, taking spontaneous and dynamic pictures from a distance while you have fun.
Do you want to have your pics at different places? No problem! You will be able to choose between three different itineraries in Seville: Parque de María Luisa, Plaza de España and Barrio de Santa Cruz.
We will send you your pictures by email one week after the session!

Parque de María Luisa

Discover the most famous park in Seville and enjoy your walk through its beautiful gardens. Here you will find some of the most secret and charming places in the city. The perfect itinerary for every occasion!

Plaza de España

Close to Parque de María Luisa you will discover an amazing square with a lot of possibilities for your pictures. A memorable place for a marriage proposal, and also very enjoyable for any other situation!

Barrio de Santa Cruz

Known as the Jewish neighborhood, Santa Cruz is a place full of history. You will fall in love with its narrow streets and beautiful little squares. And we will show you some of its secret spots that will blow your mind!


Tired of taking selfies at all those beautiful monuments in Seville? What if you could have a professional photographer with you? Wouldn’t it be nice to just enjoy your walks through the city?

That’s exactly what we do for you!

Take a look at our video and discover how we work and what our photo tours can offer you in Seville!

Stop worrying about taking any pictures…



See what people say about our photo tours in Seville!

  • EVGENIYA (Moscow, Russia)
    EVGENIYA (Moscow, Russia)
    We are very thankful to Photo Tour Seville for its positivism and help in this special moment in our life. They took beautiful pictures and during the session they explained us the history of Seville. They made us smile and be positive and advised us about the best places and compositions for the session. Thank you very much.
  • NARINE (Ereván, Armenia)
    NARINE (Ereván, Armenia)
    We had a joyful tour. Those hours were unforgettable. The pictures we got were so professional that illustrated the real beauty of the city and ourselves). In addition our photographer, who could also work as a guide, was very easygoing, motivating and creative. Highly recommended!!!
    Our afternoon with Photo Tour Seville was a once in a lifetime experience. We felt like celebrities as our “paparazzi” followed us around the city. We saw the main attractions and also the secret spots, and our families loved to see the amazing photos. I highly recommend them.
  • DIPAN (Wisconsin, USA)
    DIPAN (Wisconsin, USA)
    Photo Tour Seville was fantastic. The kids enjoyed the photo shoot as did we. Finally did not have to carry my camera and had everyone in the pics in a lovely city like Seville. Would highly recommend this activity if you're visiting Seville with family!