Photo Tour Seville: a company formed by professional photographers!

Our crew is dynamic and fun, but also very professional! At Photo Tour Seville we take spontaneous pictures of our clients while they discover the city in order to give them the best memories they can have of their experience in Seville.

As residents of this awesome city, our photographers are in an ideal position to show you not only its popular places, but also the most hidden and beautiful spots in Seville, that usually only the locals enjoy.


You can relax knowing that we will stay discreetly in the background taking amazing photos of you enjoying the city.

When you leave this beautiful Seville and arrive home, you will be excited to receive your photos by email in high resolution. Share them freely with your family and friends and enjoy the fun all over again!

Whether you want to get an album of your stay or learn how to take pictures, we have the perfect activity for you!

OUR GOAL is to show our customers the beauty of Seville while they enjoy the city, and give them the best memories of their visit.

OUR VISION is to become the first and best company to immortalize the experience of visitors to Spain.

Meet the Photo Tour Seville team!

Would you like to know who is behind Photo Tour Seville?
Meet our staff of photographers and discover why these people are perfect to show you around Seville, taking awesome pictures while you enjoy your stay in the city.

Alberto Rada | Seville Photo TourAlberto Rada

Founder and main photographer of Photo Tour Seville, Alberto Rada has been linked to the audiovisual field since 2003. Having worked for several companies in the beginning, in 2012 he decided to part ways and start his career as a professional photographer. His path drove him to participate in several photography expeditions to places like Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In 2013 he founded Photo Tour Seville in order to save the experiences of the visitors in the city.

“I have always seen photography as a way to express myself through the camera. I love to be witness of unrepeatable moments and be able to immortalize them forever. I think we are all born in this world for a duty. Mine is to save the experiences of the people while they enjoy their lives”.


Carolina Tejera | Seville Photo TourCarolina Tejera

Carolina Tejera is originally from Cádiz, but she started her career as a photographer and a graphic designer in Seville. Her good skills in the field made her to be valued by numerous models and people that were in demand of good portfolios. She has a great eye to look for the perfect photo and a high level in the digital processing.

“Photography is my natural way of expression. Not only does it give you the possibility to show how things are, but also to show how things are for you. You can express your own point of view. I love that! An image may have a lot of stories, you only have to invent them! They are sharing a piece of their stories with me. It´s an honor to be witness to their memories: they are the most important thing they have”.


Henk van Dijkhuizen | Seville Photo TourHenk van Dijkhuizen

Henk van Dijkhuizen is originally from Sint Pancras (Holland), but he has spent his winters living in Seville since 2012, where the climate is mild and the people are warm. In 2003 he graduated from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam, and since then he has been working as a professional photographer. Henk has specialized in art and urban landscape.

“Seville is one of the most romantic and photogenic cities I know. In photography I can be creative and express myself. I show you the world as I see it, trying to catch the city character, its essence. Photographing people is always fun because they are in a cheerful mood, they’re on holidays! Photo Tour Seville is a new challenge and with the team and the help of happy clients I work on the success of this young company”.


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